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Mirror Pane Glass


Mirror Pane is a reflective glass coating on gray glass. It looks like a mirror from one side and like an ordinary tinted window from the other side, making it useful for surveillance and security. It is not a mirror because it does not have a silver backing.

 mirror pane glass

Last Updated on Friday, 21 October 2016 09:35

Fabricated Glass Products

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Bent glass - is flat glass that has been heated to approximately 1,000 degrees and gravity or mechanically formed to the desired shape. Bent glass is available as annealed, heat treated, tempered, laminated, or insulated.

Frosted glass - (sandblasted) is annealed glass that has a factory applied uniform density sandblasted surface. It can not be tempered unless it is sandblasted after it has been tempered. The sandblasted surface can be discolored by contact with foreign materials. Glass can be customized with etched and/or carved designs and logos. Acid etched glass is a chemical process to achieve similar properties with less potential discoloration.

Insulated glass - see insulated glass

Laminated glass - is typically manufactured by placing a layer of polyvinyl butyral between two or more lites of glass and then fusing it together using heat and pressure in a special oven called an autoclave. Resin laminating is a recently developed alternative process where a liquid chemical mixture is poured into the space between the two lites of glass and allowed to cure or harden. The most important characteristic of laminated glass is the ability of the interlayer to hold the glass in place when broken, providing protection against falling glass and/or penetration of the opening. The PVB layer reduces fading from UV rays and reduces sound transmission. Numerous types of glass, polycarbonate and interlayers in varying thicknesses can be used to accomplish a great variety of tasks such as bullet resistant or hurricane resistant requirements.

Mirror - is annealed glass that has a silver backing applied by wet chemical deposition process and is then covered with a protective mirror backing paint. It can not be tempered. To comply with safety glazing requirements, mirror can be laminated with a PVB interlayer, or a safety backing sheet of adhesive backed polyethylene may be applied to the back of the mirror.

Mirrorpane - (one way mirror, two way mirror, security mirror, first surface mirror) is actually a reflective glass coating on 1/4" gray glass, and is not a mirror because it does not have a silver backing. It is designed to allow vision from only one direction while presenting a mirror appearance from the other. The coated surface must be towards the subject side, with a recommended 10:1 light ratio. It is available for interior use only as the coating can be damaged by the weather. It can be tempered, but the process will dramatically increase visual distortion.

Last Updated on Saturday, 16 April 2016 20:12

insulated curved tempered glass front


Makeup: 6mm curved tempered glass+12A+6mm curved tempered glass
curved insulated tempered glass front

curved glass display cases

double glazed curved tempered glass display cases

double curved glass

Last Updated on Friday, 01 April 2016 21:14

Laminated glass with frit white random dot patterns

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Makeup: 8mm Euro Grey toughened heat soaked glass w/t frit white random dot pattern(#2)+1.52mm PVB+8mm PG low-e(#3) toughened heat soaked glass
ceramic fritted white dots laminated glassdecorative laminated glasslaminated low-e glass

Last Updated on Friday, 01 April 2016 21:06
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